Thank you for inquiring with us. Great news! Yes, we do have your date available at this time! We are excited to be sending you our complete Bridal Price List. Along with this we are including links to our Frequently Asked Questions a link to secure our team through our Booking page, along with our introduction letter from owner & expert Celebrity Stylist, Margarita GoDiva.   
These forms were created to give all of our inquiring brides, attendants and wedding planners a complete understanding of who we are and how our bridal beauty services work. We ask that you review all of the information within the links and feel free to contact us via text, email, or phone with any additional questions you may have. Margarita GoDiva's direct cell number is (520)-272-0573.  
Happy planning & we look forward to making your wedding the most beautiful day of your life!    

A Letter From I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry owner Margarita GoDiva 

First, we would like to congratulate you on your engagement and secondly thank you for inquiring about Margarita Go-Diva’s  I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry team. You have inquired with a professional styling team with over a decade of bridal experience, which is the most important factor when choosing a bridal beauty team!  

The I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry Artist are EXPERTS in the Bridal Beauty Business. The team has won numerous awards and their work has been seen on celebrities in television, movies, commercials, in magazines, weddings and more. When hiring this team, you can be sure you are receiving the best in up-to-date beauty knowledge and skilled professionals! I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry is an innovator in perfecting custom airbrush and traditional makeup coverage. They use the best Professional products made to look flawless in photographs and on video. Therefore, making this team the BEST choice for your wedding! 

The most accommodating trend in modern day hair and makeup styling is the on-site service, providing convenience and value to you and your entire bridal party. Our team comes to you at your desired location to make you look and feel simply amazing on the most important day of your life, providing tear-proof, smudge resistant Airbrush Makeup and Professional Hair Designing for you and all others receiving services for your wedding or event. We assist in making your special day a wonderful, stress reduced experience by supplying a knowledgeable team that prides themselves in timely, efficient Bridal Beauty styling which is a major factor when dealing with ceremony venue and even wedding planner timelines! Split deposits, layaway and payment plans also help to alleviate the "all at once, large financial stress" that weddings can bring. We provide services from "just the Bride" to large Bridal parties of up to 20+ people! Special group rates ARE available for parties of 5 or more in addition to the Bride. With ALL eyes on the Bride and the Bridal party, onsite services make getting ready a stress-free, fun and GLAMOROUS memory on the most beautiful day of your life!  

Please note: I truly believe ALL Brides deserve to look and feel their VERY best on their special day!  So much so, that we can consider ALL budgets and even other PROFESSIONAL competitor prices IF the date is available. *restrictions apply*  

We have enclosed our Rates & Services Agreement for you to read through and decide what services you are in need of for your special day. If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to contact us as we are looking forward to and committed to helping you create the perfect wedding look, feeling and memory! 

If you would like to view some of my most up-to-date Bridal works and to be able to share pictures please search Facebook Instagram Twitter and Pinterest and "FRIEND" us: IDoHairandMakeupArtistry –or- MargaritaGoDiva 

Warmly, Margarita GoDiva

​IDHMA Bridal Rates - Price List

THE BRIDE'S PACKAGE - Bride: Hair, Makeup, Lashes & Run Thru - $390 (save $40) 

*Does not qualify for on-site services during Peak Bridal Season (please see Peak Season Clause) 

THE TOTAL BRIDE & 5 ATTENDANT'S HAIR PACKAGE -The Bride's Hair, Makeup Lashes & Trial + 5 Attendants Hair Services - $820 (save $50) 

Add on Hair Only per person $75 

THE TOTAL BRIDE & 5 ATTENDANT'S MAKEUP PACKAGE - Bride: Hair, Makeup, Lashes & Trial + Attendants: 5 Makeup Services with Lashes - $855 (save $90) 

THE HAIR ONLY PACKAGE - The Bride's Hair & Hair Trial + 5 Attendant's Hair Services - $590 (SAVES $50)   

Add on Hair Only per person $75 

THE FACE ONLY PACKAGE - Bride's Makeup, Lashes & Makeup Trial + 5 Attendants Makeup Services with Lashes - $640 (save $90) 
 Add on Makeup Only per person $85 (including lashes) 
THE EQUALITY BRIDES PACKAGE - Two Bride's Day of Hair, Makeup, Lashes & Trials - $790 (save $100) 

THE EQUALITY GROOMS PACKAGE - Two Grooms Airbrushing, Powder, Bronzing, Hair Styling + Trial - $285 (SAVE $25) 

THE DELUXE PACKAGE - Bride's Hair, Makeup, Lashes and Trial + 5 Attendant's Hair and Makeup Services with Lashes - $1180 (save $175)

Add on Hair + Makeup per person $75  

A LA CARTE Services:

 Bride: Day of Hair Styling - $130 

 Bride: Day of Makeup (includes custom lashes & sealant) - $130  

 Bride: Run Thru Hair - $85 

 Bride: Run Thru Makeup - $85 

Attendant Run Thru Hair - $85 
Attendant Run Thru Makeup - $85 *Lashes not included

Groom: Run Thru Hair - $50

Groom: Run Thru Makeup - $50 

Groom: Run Thru Hair & Airbrush Makeup - $85 (SAVE $15) 

 Bride/Attendant: New Lashes on Day of (if Bride/Attendant doesn't bring lashes from Run Thru, new ones can be purchased) - $15 

Attendant Hairstyling (adult) - $85 
Attendant Makeup (adult) - $85 *Lashes not included 
Lash Application Only - $15 

Flower Girl Hair (under 0-5 yrs old): - $50 

Flower Girl Makeup (under 0-5 yrs old): includes gloss blush soft sparkles - $35 

Face Only Airbrushing - $75 

Hair Extension Placement - $50 *additional to hair styling services


 TATTOO COVERAGE (water-proof airbrushing) starting at $100 depending on size and color 

BODY AIRBRUSHING: bruising, unevenness, tan lines, acne etc. starting at $50 per each area depending on discoloration, skin condition etc. 
Junior Bridesmaid Hair (5-11 yrs old) - $60 

Junior Bridesmaid Makeup - includes gloss blush eye shadow & mascara (5-11 yrs old) - $60 

Add Junior Bridesmaid Foundation & Lashes - $25  

Hair Touch up per event - re-pinning loose pins, unpinning, re-curling loose previously unpinned hair - $60 

Face Touch up - lips powder blush under eye clean up & concealer if needed - $45 

Eye Makeup Touch up - includes removing of eye shadow and liner then re-applying new shadow & liner (does not include lash removal or re-applying lashes) - $60 

Hair Volumizers (Padding) - donuts, padding, cushion to add volume to the hair without teasing - $15 


​GROOM/GROOMSMEN: Airbrushing Service - $40 (airbrushing, powdering) 

GROOM/GROOMSMEN: Hair Service - $30 per person


 Engagement Session: Hair & Makeup (not considered a Bridal run thru) - $160 (SAVE $60)
 Engagement Session: Hair -$110 
 Engagement Session: Makeup - $110 
 Engagement Session: Male Hairstyling & Makeup (powder, bronzer, etc.) - $60 (SAVE $10) 
 Engagement Session: Male Hair Service - $30 
 Engagement Session: Male Makeup (powder, bronzer, etc.) - $40 

 Boudoir Studio Rental - $100 minimum (depends on timeline and studio needs) 
 1 Look (up to 1.5 hours in studio) includes Makeup, Hairstyling - $160 
 2-3 Looks/subtle changes (up to 3 hours in studio) includes Makeup, Hairstlying, & Lashes - $260 

CULTURAL WEDDINGS: Middle East, Indian, Asian, Muslim etc

CULTURAL Bride's DAY OF MAKEUP (includes airbrushing &1 pair lashes) $145 per event

CULTURAL Bride's Makeup TRIAL $130 * up to 2 eye looks

CULTURAL Bride's DAY OF HAIRSTYLING $145 per event 
CULTURAL Bride's HAIR TRIAL $130 * up to 2 hair styles

ATTENDANT'S Cultural MAKEUP $95 for each event per person (includes airbrushing &1 pair of lashes) *Discounted $5 each service 

ATTENDANTS Cultural HAIRSTYLE $85 for each event per person 

CULTURAL WEDDING DELUXE PACKAGE - Includes Brides Day of Hair Makeup + Trial plus 5 Attendants Hair & 5 Attendants Makeup $1350 (SAVES $150) - per event

Attendant Cultural Makeup Touchup includes - lips powder & under eye clean up $45 

Attendant Cultural Eye Makeup Touch-up includes removing of eye shadow and liner then re-applying new shadow & liner (does not include lash removal or re-applying lashes) $60 

Attendant's Cultural Hair Touchups per event - repinning loose pins, unpinn to put hair down, recurling loose unpinned hair $60 

CULTURAL Bride's extensions curling & placement $50 per event per person            

Cultural Attendant's Extensions curling & placement $50 per event per person 

TIKA BINDI CHUNI &/or SARI placement $25 per event 



Subtotal- __________________

5% Service Fee- ____________

Grand Total- _______________

50% Deposit Due- ___________

Gratuities- _________________

Our 5% SERVICE FEE covers the cost of wear and tear on electrical equipment, product usage and replacement, tools, applicators, brushes, cleaning supplies, kit cleaning and restocking, hourly office expenses and supplies. There is no additional fee for using any of the listed Payment Options in our Agreement.  

The GRAND TOTAL is to include a 5% SERVICE FEE  

The 50% DEPOSIT is half the amount of the GRAND TOTAL  
GRATUITIES: Gratuities are NOT INCLUDED in the pricing lists. 20% Gratuities (of all services performed) will be added to final payment for clients with 3 or more services or for clients using event/wedding planner. For Agreements containing 2 or less suggested gratuity is 20% (of all services performed). Gratuities can be paid by venmo, check, credit card, or Bank of America deposit, with the final bill or in cash to individual artists. Please feel free to add into your payment or to discuss bridesmaids/attendants paying their stylist individually.